Getting to know active volcanoes

  • The children sit in a circle around a large map of the world on which volcanoes are randomly placed. The teacher leads the initial motivation to learn about active volcanoes: "What do you think, are the volcanoes correctly placed on the map?".
  • According to the assignment in the worksheet, the children place the volcano models on the world map. Younger children may find the checklist helpful. Older children work with the help of an atlas.
  • Together with the children, use the checklist to make sure they have placed the volcanoes correctly.
  • This is followed by a guided discussion - which volcano do you know and why, where are the most and least volcanoes, etc. according to the children's interest.
  • Children who are interested in the activity can choose one volcano and prepare a report to present to others.


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Follow-up activities:

  • Presentation of reports
  • We print out the worksheets and checklists for the children and they can complete the worksheet independently and then stick it in their diary. The checklist will help them if they have difficulties.




Materials for download

Worksheet active volcanoes: Download PDF


Checklist of an active volcano:  Download PDF