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In the valley under Pradědem we have been producing large-format educational maps since 2018. Detailed, large and colourful maps for schoolchildren that develop their geographical skills and imagination. We also produce customised maps of the school surroundings. 



Why get MAPUiTO?
The maps are excellent in quality, you can see even the smallest details and underwater relief.
We produce large and durable maps that children can walk, run, work independently or in a group. The maps can be hung up, so they will do a lot of work in the classroom. 
Connecting geography and learning. The maps are produced by a Montessori teacher and a trained physical geographer with many years of experience in geoinformatics systems.
We invent new tools together with teachers.
Lots of free supplementary materials. We are always creating more and more worksheets for the maps, which you can easily download on our blog. 
Family production for us means maximum commitment to you and attention to your requirements. We also produce customized maps, write to us and we will arrange it.
We care about the environment. Every month we plant a tree in cooperation with Arnika. We try to avoid unnecessary plastic in our packaging and use paper adhesive tapes. We print all maps in the Czech Republic. We are always looking for more environmentally friendly ways to print maps and all maps comply with the Reach Directive. 
We support local production. The wood we use is processed by a local company. Our product packaging is fully recyclable. We use only high quality, certified and environmentally friendly oils.

Take a look in the E-SHOP and explore our maps and educational tools.


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"We have a map of the world and the Czech Republic and also an atlas with a scratch-off marker. The children enjoy the work very much, they create their own cards for the maps with information... For me TOP tool!"

MAPUiTO - Slepé mapy
"The boys worked with passion, some of them had the biggest problem with reading, but they worked together. In other work we used an atlas, a world map and looked at the islands of the world, we also used your sheets to complete the work. Then each pupil chose one island to find out more information and different interesting facts about... The children then presented the information they found to each other. Some even made a book about the island."
MINT - Montessori institut Brno
"With the Montessori world map, I like America on the right and the huge expanse of water on the Earth clearly visible because of it. And also the representation of underwater formations, faults, trenches, etc. So far we have used the map just to compare the size of land and water on the planet. Next, we will use it in a Montessori space story about the origin of the Earth and life on Earth."
We use the world map in class almost every day. For example, we solved the water cycle in nature or the origin of certain fruits and vegetables. The map is really very good quality, it is made of solid material. In the time we have had it, it has hardly been scratched at all. Children can walk on it comfortably without shoes. I recommend it."
Mateřská škola Formana
"The Montessori World Map arrived safely, thank you very much. It is really very good! It looks plastic, I had to run my hand over it right away to see if some places are raised or not..."
Klatovské školky - logo
  Romana Šavlíková
  Klatovské Kindergartens
"I teach history and the map of Europe is very useful. We already have a world political one and I really use it in most of my classes. I like the fact that I can put these maps on the floor or on the table and we can put Montessori multi-component cards or other activities on them. "
Základní škola a mateřská škola Borovského - logo
"I got a map of the world and the Czech Republic from you. I've been looking for something similar for a long time. I am extremely satisfied..."






MAPUiTO care about nature.

MAPUiTO plant a tree in cooperation with ARNIKA!